Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My world revolves around u


    That is quite a strong title. I can defend it. You are aware about all events that took place during our college days and a couple of years after. This post is about the events that happened this year. This morning I got a call from BeeJae Visitacion, a recruiter from VMWare. He wants to set up an interview with a hiring manager tomorrow. I already have gone through 2 rounds in technical interview in the Stress Testing team. Yepp - that's your team. Guess who's the manager - its Gunjan Patel. I very well remember a conversation between you and Gunjan you forwarded me in 2008. I thought that he is a good manager. Anyway, the point is - should I accept the offer that Gunjan makes tomorrow (I am pretty sure and confident that he'll be interested to take me) I'll be working for a team that you used to earlier.

    The thought of doing MS never crossed my mind soon after we graduated in 2006. I wanted to work for sometime and then take my chance - in India itself. You, and my mother respected that. Then after some gyan from you and the confidence shown by my mother and sister i took the leap from the Lion's head. I quit my job which kept me financially secure (if not satisfied) for 4 years, left home, and came thousands of miles to a place I thought I'll never come to. The fact that I didn't have any relatives didn't matter. You were here  ... that's all I cared about.

    Is it co-incidence or destiny that I didn't get through to so many companies that I applied to even with references but got through only to Microsoft, NetApp, and VMWare ? Is it a co-incidence that I didn't get through Microsoft interview after having done so well in it, but got through NetApp and VMWare ? Any internship is good internship. But why did I have some strange sub-consious seriousness and a fighting urge to get in to NetApp but not Microsoft. I was definately serious about Microsoft, but not as much as NetApp. It may be co-incidence or it may be because I already had lost an internship offer. I like to believe that it is destiny.

    I can give so many reasons to why I switched schools. But the topmost reason ... the one I don't normally speak about is that I want to be in NC. Opportunities are here, people are here, blah-blah, but more than anything else you are here - period. Given this, I am going to continue to live here until I have had enough of you.

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