Sunday, July 15, 2007

Climax begins ....

Words and music, seem have a lot of power. Eminem says "They say music can alter moods and talk to you" and i completely agree with him. Words can bring about a silence amidst a storm, can shake empires to the ground, and yet not injure or wound a person. Words can give rise to blood bath and paint the town scarlet.

A few days ago i had an oppurtunity to witness the influence of words and music on a chaotic lot of people. This happened in a movie theater in Bangalore where mungaaru Male was showing. How we got tickets is itself a big story !! Finally when we (4 guys and a girl) got into our seats ... it felt like a cricket stadium. People were whistling, hooting and yahooing... i suddenly felt like i was sitting in a Rajni Kanth movie, but i wasn't. I soon found out why. People were applauding and cheering the dialogue delivery of the lead actor.

After a song the movie kicked into gear and i began understanding the plot and the story. Since i went to the movie in its 3rd week, i had much expectations and heard some incidents where people broke down. I thought that happened only in Karan Johar movies... but i was wrong. All was quite until the interval ... soon after the interval, the noises, whistles and the hooting was gone. The mood was intense in the theatre. I was frequently looking at ppl at my left and right to see their eyes red with hint of a tear or two. I tried cracking some timing jokes on the intense emotional drama going on screen. My friends laughed some times...but were soon absorbed completely into the movie. Then about 20 mins past interval my friend sitting next to me said "hey, get ready for some super punching dialogues." I said "hmmm..." and there it was .. the lead actor started speaking and in one breath said some 2-3 dialogues which made tears roll down from the guys' eyes sittin next to me.

The end of the movie saw some more intense and emotional moments where everyone had to be taken aback (yes me too). Ya, all said and done... the question is, how does all the above said distinguish mungaaru male from any rondu hindi (or any language) movie ?? The answer lies after the movie ends. The movie has a nice ending which upholds sacrifice over love. Bingo !! the best part of the 2 odd hours is now. From the seats we all got up .. without uttering a word. The whole theater (400-500ppl) goes dead dumb after the movie ends. Some ppl are still sittin just looking !! Then every one makes way to the parking lot/exit with out uttering a word. One can hear sneezing, one can spot ppl crying .. but none utter a word. This silence can only be found at someone's funeral (probably not even there !!) Now that's effective communication !!

It got me thinking, if a love story is told in a manner that can make a whole lotta people think deeply in silence for brief moments ... how difficult is it to fill a person(s) head with hatred towards another. How difficult is it to fill hatred, disgust into the mind of a person towards a whole lotta ppl ? The hatred filled towards any body is extensible to any level like, hatred towards a family, a city, a country, or perhaps even more !! Some wise man has rightly said "a pen is mightier than a sword" - in a both positive and negative way.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Chaos Rules !!!

"What you do in life echoes in eternity" said a noble man once. But we at Complete Chaos believe that, "what u do on stage, echoes in people's hearts." Hi, we are Complete Chaos, the mad-ads team of PESIT, Bangalore. I think that line explains a lot "Chaos" in this blog :)

Birth of Chaos....... On a fine spring season in 2002, when Bangalore was at its "green" best, and we were a bunch of enthusiastic freshers, Team Chaos suddenly came into existence under the Greenwood tree which stands tall in our very own Open Air Theatre in PESIT. It began as just a thought. A couple of like minded guys ignited a small spark, which is now burning as a passion.

Sneak peek........... Are you wondering what mad-ads is? Well mad-ads is a brief act that is performed with many scenes, aimed at promoting a hypothetical product, using creativity to the fullest. Primary motivation for mad-ads is to achieve the toughest thing possible...."to make people laugh consistently." A typical mad-ads act consists of some 8-10 actors who act according to a background voice. That voice, is of a Narrator who does all the "talkies" part of the mad-ads. All the actors synchronize to accomplish the primary goal, and spectators of a mad-ads event would agree ,that the goal stands accomplished!

The Chaos Studio... PESITians might have seen some behavior behind the music room occasionally. Yup that's us. That's our Den. The Den is where every act we put up is written, practiced and chiseled before it goes on stage. This is where we have maximum fun. A typical Chaos practice session starts very slow and dull like an aircraft on taxiway. But once we get into the mood... its just full throttle all the way.
What inspires us, are all the small events that happen when friends meet. All the sarcastic, cheesy humor that comes up are the inputs to the Black Box of Chaos, and the output is.-a super amplified and modulated version of that small instance. Some very catchy ads in the TV are also used. Spoofs are the thing which keeps a mad-ads act alive. Here's where u can show maximum creativity, and extract laughter out of any given situation. Even significant current affairs are not spared. These are the inputs to the potion of laughter, which indeed delivers.
The practice sessions are more entertaining than the real thing. The various Bloopers that come up leave our tummies aching. We just can't pen those instances, they have to be experienced and not told.

Brothers under the Sun.... From Aatmatrisha '02 till date, the team has treaded various paths. Some rough, and some as smooth as Mysore Road. But at the end of all this, we still found light at the other end of the tunnel. Chaos has given many performances not only in mad-ads but also skits. The most prestigious victory came, in the 6th Annual VTU Youth Festival organized in Davangere. The event was a skit copetition, where a strong message had to be put across. We r proud to say, out of the participating 44 teams from all across Karnataka, Team Chaos bagged the Silver Medal. The same skit also was performed in home ground, @ the OAT in Aatmatrisha'05. For those of u who missed it, it is called "The Race of Life." The race of life addresses the problems faced by young engineers, who go abroad with alacrity. The Race of life was also performed by us in Ranga Shankara, as a platform performance, which opened the critically acclaimed play "Final Rehearsal."
Team Chaos has grown from a few guys under a tree, to a big Community. All thanks to good people like yourself who extended their appreciation and continue to inspire us. Now, team Chaos is no longer just a team, but can be aptly called as "Brotherhood of Chaos." The Chaos-mania continues even after some team members depart, now reloaded with a new lot of "Brothers."

Lastly, we would like to leave u with a statement, which has been the icon of our team.
"Chaos..... is the new Order" - Complete Chaos.

The Brothers of Complete Chaos: (back in 2006)
Praveen Kumar - the babe of the team
Pavan P S - Mr. Flexible
Jinesh J Jain - the JOSH machine
Aksahya Srivatsa - beats any super model with his "cat walk"
Preetham Dalvay - Chaos' spokesperson
Kumar A - silent bomb
Rahul Karmshil - Chaos' very own Salman Khan
Adrit Sanyal - pure muscle
Chetan Kumar - the dark horse
Karun G N - voice of team Chaos (retd)
Saveen Hegde - voice of team Chaos, reloaded

well, now the team has grown from a small bunch to a biig community. One can say about the current Team Chaos as: chaos, supercharged.

a new portal !!

well, i have a disorder of forgetting things (especially usernames and passwords). After creating a zillion blog accounts, i have created yet another one. I intend to stick on to this - how ??
By writing a lot of crap regularly :)