Sunday, July 15, 2007

Climax begins ....

Words and music, seem have a lot of power. Eminem says "They say music can alter moods and talk to you" and i completely agree with him. Words can bring about a silence amidst a storm, can shake empires to the ground, and yet not injure or wound a person. Words can give rise to blood bath and paint the town scarlet.

A few days ago i had an oppurtunity to witness the influence of words and music on a chaotic lot of people. This happened in a movie theater in Bangalore where mungaaru Male was showing. How we got tickets is itself a big story !! Finally when we (4 guys and a girl) got into our seats ... it felt like a cricket stadium. People were whistling, hooting and yahooing... i suddenly felt like i was sitting in a Rajni Kanth movie, but i wasn't. I soon found out why. People were applauding and cheering the dialogue delivery of the lead actor.

After a song the movie kicked into gear and i began understanding the plot and the story. Since i went to the movie in its 3rd week, i had much expectations and heard some incidents where people broke down. I thought that happened only in Karan Johar movies... but i was wrong. All was quite until the interval ... soon after the interval, the noises, whistles and the hooting was gone. The mood was intense in the theatre. I was frequently looking at ppl at my left and right to see their eyes red with hint of a tear or two. I tried cracking some timing jokes on the intense emotional drama going on screen. My friends laughed some times...but were soon absorbed completely into the movie. Then about 20 mins past interval my friend sitting next to me said "hey, get ready for some super punching dialogues." I said "hmmm..." and there it was .. the lead actor started speaking and in one breath said some 2-3 dialogues which made tears roll down from the guys' eyes sittin next to me.

The end of the movie saw some more intense and emotional moments where everyone had to be taken aback (yes me too). Ya, all said and done... the question is, how does all the above said distinguish mungaaru male from any rondu hindi (or any language) movie ?? The answer lies after the movie ends. The movie has a nice ending which upholds sacrifice over love. Bingo !! the best part of the 2 odd hours is now. From the seats we all got up .. without uttering a word. The whole theater (400-500ppl) goes dead dumb after the movie ends. Some ppl are still sittin just looking !! Then every one makes way to the parking lot/exit with out uttering a word. One can hear sneezing, one can spot ppl crying .. but none utter a word. This silence can only be found at someone's funeral (probably not even there !!) Now that's effective communication !!

It got me thinking, if a love story is told in a manner that can make a whole lotta people think deeply in silence for brief moments ... how difficult is it to fill a person(s) head with hatred towards another. How difficult is it to fill hatred, disgust into the mind of a person towards a whole lotta ppl ? The hatred filled towards any body is extensible to any level like, hatred towards a family, a city, a country, or perhaps even more !! Some wise man has rightly said "a pen is mightier than a sword" - in a both positive and negative way.