Monday, September 19, 2011

Seattle - nice place it is.

   big day tomorrow.

   3 weeks of preparation comes down to my performance in those 45 minutes. I hope I remain cool and think up as many approaches as possible to what the guy throws at me. Tomorrow is just the first step of my dream job in Seattle. I hope it goes well. Coming weeks will be very crucial. If all goes well, I can strike out a lot of things from my bucket list soon which othewise will require a lot of effort, time and money :)

   Seattle is known as the "most depressing city in the US." I beg to differ. I found it interesting and pretty (not as pretty as Heilbronn though). I mean, where else can you catch amazing views of snow capped mountains from your office window - both East and West side windows. Olympic national park (or the Olympic mountain range) is like 2 hours away. Mt. Rainer is like an hour's drive. Mountains of Oregon are like 4 hours away and finally Seattle is the closest city from which one can make multiple trips to Denali National park and Glacier National Park.

   Uff! I can go on and on about this list. Coming back the company itself - there is nothing to be said. It's wide open. one of the best companies to work for, period. I just hope I crack all that the engineers can ask me. Wish me luck!

 + Chetan