Monday, May 16, 2011

2.3.081@ NetApp


Today was my first day at NetApp, RTP. I woke up really early, had a nice clean shave, was ready by 8 to be picked up by Swaroop. I wore the Ruggers T-shirt you got me back in 2006. It's my favorite t-shirt. I arrived at building 1 a good 90 minutes early than the time scheduled. Went in, filled some of the forms and gave my name to the nice lady out there at Security Badging. She typed in my name, and says "I am sorry, but I cannot find you in the database." I spelled out my last name to her but she said, "I got one entry for that name, but its not you." My heart skipped a beat! I told her to call Sara Burns and Brett Gunlock to verify. Went back to waiting in the lobby. Sara Burns came down and asked me if I had signed in. I told her the problem and Sara told me that they had entered my name as "Kumar, Chetan Kumar" !! They signed me in, got me a badge and I eventually went in. But I am known as Chetan Kumar, Kumar according to NetApp  :P I've arranged to get it changed over this week.

At the orientation session they asked all us interns to introduce ourselves with one interesting thing about oneself. I told'em that "I am the only intern coming from UNC Charlotte." Jill Ripper looked at me and said "ow yes." And for a few minutes I tried to think about something that is interesting in me - didn't find an answer!! 

The team I am in is awesome. There are some pretty amazing people out there. For a start, there's Brett Gunlock the manager who's in the industry longer than I am alive! Today at lunch I learned that he used to be associated with a nuclear submarine! He's a proper farm boy (man, watever) He's a pretty jovial and informal about things but most of all very affable. Then there's Daniel Holmes. He's a proud Duke University alum who's the team lead. The brain behind so many things yet so down to earth. He personally came up to me today evening and asked me about my day. I used the opportunity to ask him about a solution I had suggested to a problem he faced in the team (he told me about it in the interview) just to get me going. Finally, there's Eric Sirianni. He is a systems major from Stanford University. He's been great so far. I have heard a lot about him from all the other team members. I am looking forward to learn a lot from him and also make an impression about my brief stay here. 

The internship so far looks bright and interesting and eventful. I will give it my full horsepower and clinch a position at the end of it. More than that, I intend to make a lot of "friends" at NetApp. Let's see how it goes.


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BTW how did you arrive at 2.3.081?