Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy AT&T Wireless Customer

   Today i got my phone moms!!! You know, for more than a month, when ever I wanted to call you or da... I used to borrow some one else's phone or grab my lap-top and go to a place ... use Google CallPhone service and make calls. Inconvenient as it sounds, those 2 means have served me well. Thanks to wonderful people here and Google's CallPhone service I am able to stay in touch everywhere.The feeling of getting back online when u so much want to stay in touch each day is blissful. I feel like a primary school child when he's rewarded with an ice-cream or chocolate after a hard week of tests. The child finishes his tests and comes home all drooping and exhausted. But there's relief in his face and evident anticipation that his father will take him to the ice-cream store. The anticipation was there in me when I went to open the post-box. I felt so joyful that I can stay in touch 24*7 now ;) I came back and the first thing i called da. Felt good. I want to call you moms. I so much want to call you, speak to you. Mind says it ain't happening. Heart says "someday..." Just by looking at the phone I am reminded of our looong conversations on phone back home or our conversations on gtalk. I think that is what i have now with me. The intangible memories, invaluable moments. 

   We will speak moms... we will. I sleep 8 hrs a day ... you can call me anytime when I am asleep. I'll respond. But this time promise you'll not fade away like my most dreams... OK ?

- Chetu