Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to being a Student

   Today is a very different day. Today is the last day of my service in Bosch. Feels a little weird to be out of office work after 4 years of relentless "software engineering." Since I was there for more than 6 months this year at work, they had to do my performance review. So my previous manager and current manager called for a "discussion." They started off with all inputs in the end said my performance rating is "xyz" but it might change towards the end of the year. Basically, in the end of the year i'll get only peanuts but who cares - I m out of it now. My mentor gave me a call from Germany and wished me luck. Interestingly he also pointed out one of the flaws that I have wrt communication. It happens to be the same one you were telling me! Chey. Innu solve aagilla. Wokay moms ... naaLe sigteeni.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Capacity guru !!

Kshamandu CA result banto day before yesterday. Clear maadbittidaLe! First attempt nalli normal peoples ge ne kashta matt ninn thangi antu ee thara circumstances nalloo clear madidaLo. Avattu evening nimm mane ge hogidde. Aa occassion ge ond saNN gift kodaNa annstu, so nann colleague na yeLkond hogi 4th block nall ond kurta togondu nimm manege hode. Kshama ge adu tumba ishta aitu moms.