Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My name is Anaya

   'ann', 'too', 'thee', 'dosa beku anaya ki', 'papaaa'. These are excerpts from Ananya's ever growing vocabulary. She's a little over a year old now moms. You should see how hyper active she has become. My mother, my aunt, my father, and my sister have a tough time handling her. She apparently runs around the house (mostly outside than in), likes to flip through her big and colorful picture books, loves to yank anything out of its place and spread it all over the floor. It seems she gets off the bed herself and I think she even climbs the bed herself. I so miss being there. You know, I thought she'll forget about be. But my mother told me that on the days that I do not call at the regular time, she brings the phone to my mother and says "mamaa." That's sweet. It is also remarkable as to how a toddler remembers the phone call patterns of some person she saw when she was three months old. Strange it is!

   That said, my internship at NetApp is going good. I like the team and the informal atmosphere. I love the veggie wrap and pasta salad for lunch. But lately, I've not been able to eat more than half of the veggie wrap :P Eric as a buddy is great and David is really affable. I so hope NetApp offers me full time. It'll be fun working there and to put some of my plans into action. Life apart from NetApp has been a little boring. But I try to keep it interesting. Want to go on this awesome trek to the Appalachian Mountains on some weekend. I hope I get to go there. This saturday (June 11th) NetApp is taking us to a Durham Bulls vs someone else baseball game. Looking forward to it.

until later moms,
+ chetu

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