Sunday, June 12, 2011

ಇಪ್ಪತ್ತಾರು !!


    Twenty Six. Phew! it sounds really old when I hear someone say that. So much to do, yet nothing done. This year is going to be interesting for me. Or atleast I'll try and make it interesting for myself. Its already the 13th in India and a couple of calls came in. Was very happy to hear aunty and uncle wish me. Going back like 5 years ... this day used to be spent completely in your house where we sit and study for the impending "semester exams." Aunty would make something very nice for lunch. We'll eat to our heart's content (sometimes leaving behind little for aunty herself!). Remember ? once on we both took an oath not to shave our beards until the semester exams were over. That birthday was a good one. Some 13 people came to that hotel for dinner (yes, including Gowri and Radha) that was a funny one. And a year later to that, I brought sweets on my birthday to your house where me, you, preetu were studying together. I remember that I finished the whole sweet box leaving little for you guys! And then there is the infamous first birthday where I ran out of cash at the hotel and you and pavan had to pay up too!!! After that Pavan got cautious and kept some reserve money everytime I gave a "treat." Ah! the good old days.

    Five years hence, its all different now. Nothing special, or fancy today. Its another day in my life. I have invited the Raleigh junta over for dinner tonite. Let's see how many of are bold enough to turn up and eat the "wonderful" bisibeLe bath that I am going to make. I have no idea how to make bisibeLe bath btw. Only theoritical knowledge. But then again, there's the wisdom that I can use from :)

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