Thursday, March 3, 2011

NetApp calling!!!


    got it! got it! got it! Sara Burns called me right now and said: "Is this Chetan Kumar. This is Sara calling from NetApp. I am calling to inform you that we'd like to offer u a summer internship position at NetApp this Summer. U'll be working in Brett Gunlock's team. This will be a 10-14 week internship program starting from late May to Early June. You'll be paid $33 per-hour. You'll also be given a relocation allowance and travel or mileage reimbursement. So are you ok with the terms ? Do you accept the offer ?"

   I had no words for a second or two. Then I asked when is the starting date ? Should I decide and tell you the starting date immediately ? She said, "No you can fill out the offer letter with a suitable starting date." And then it struck me ... sh**t !! I am going to intern at NetApp!! that too NetApp RTP !! This is huge - for me. It's not sunk in completely yet moms... U know me, typical me. Stuff doesn't sink in too soon. Will talk more about it. For now ... I've got to attend a phone interview from vmware ;)

+ Chetu

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