Monday, February 28, 2011

7 days


    One tough and strenuous week of preparation juggling between a mid-term, 2 assignments, and the most important internship interview ever. This is one week I'll never forget. Started off with Swaroop's birthday bash last weekend. Met her and swaroop after like a month and a half or more. That's one of the reasons I even went to Cary :) Anyway, there we were sitting around doing nothing at Swaroop's place and I get an email from NetApp regarding an interview schedule. I was excited. This is the company you had been talking to me about while you were in Bangalore and after you came to NCSU. I finally have a chance to interview for an intern position at NetApp. I was not so excited when I got a call from Microsoft. But there is something about NetApp that attracts me. I don't know what it is yet completely. But I am determined to find out. I am confident about my interviews today. I would hire me as an intern. I have all they are looking for and more. I hope that fumble in the last interview didn't cost me much.

    This week is very memorable in many ways. I didn't know that I could handle those many parellel tasks. It was a good routine that I practiced. Although it has left me drained and saturated, I am happy that I had to go through it. This week ended just as interesting as it started. On the way back to the airport, we had a nice serious conversation. I kinda saw it coming. I am so glad that I am on the receiving end of such serious stuff. I must have done something right (or wrong). Since I have a mid-term tomorrow, we couldn't dive deep into the topic. I was briefly told ... and the rest is ... well, just feel. I got the feel. After my exam tomorrow (for which I am not studying right now) I should be able to concentrate more on completing the talk. Don't want no open ended discussions see. All in all moms, it was a very very good week. I sincerely wish NetApp brings me on board this Summer. I've got some ideas already :)

will talk to you later,

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