Sunday, October 10, 2010

truly happy birthday indeed!


    Her birthday celebrations went super moms! The amount of care all of them have for her is visible in the elaborate preparations those guys made for a small party. In the recent turn of events... this birthday is even more special for her. All the special people wished at precisely the right moments. I was on the other side of a skype video chat witnessing it. Funny it may seem... in the same country but still I could only manage to watch her birthday celebrations via skype. Anyway, let's not get into that now. The point is all of us tried to make her birthday special ... so far it has been great. She is so happy. I could see that in her tone. We miss you now more than eve moms. How awesome would it have been had you been there. The first piece of cake cut, would have been given to you... may be a hug or two, a tear or two. All of us hooting in happiness. And then may be we would all dance... she with her moves is a hit where as we with our unconventional routines bring some change. You were watching this birthday from above weren't you moms ?? I want to believe you were ... we want to believe you were.

    Right now, its movie-after-party time. She is watching a movie over there. But there is a bigger surprise waiting for her at home. We have managed to sneak in a nice surprise into the house. I am dying to see the reactions on her face when she sees it. Seperated by distances, but united by thought we have managed to make her special day even more special. With you all these trying is not required. Just your presence would have made the difference. There is a question mark in all our lives. And you know what ... soon one of the huge question marks will manifest itself into a smile on our lives. The circle is going to be complete moms. Damn! it is too premature to even blog about it. But you can read my mind right ? I bet you already know about it :)

    I am simply sitting in front of your laptop and trying to imagine how her face will light up after seeing our little surprise - coming all the way from Bangalore-to-Arlington-to-Cary.
    Ok now... I'll talk to you after she calls me about the surprise :)

- chetu

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