Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bieng "moms"

    Back in college I was most of the time only listening to some of the serious discussions that happen amongst friends. The context of the discussion can be anything - from relationships to opinions, confused state of minds, etc, etc ... Normally some of my friends used to do all the talking (with content though) and i used to be passive participant of any such discussions. May be because I didn't know what to speak or I didn't read as many books as they did so as to recollect something and speak.

   Now i think the times have changed. Today (25th February 2009) I played an active part in a rather serious discussion. I got to be "moms" ... for those of you who are confused "moms" is a term we use to address a best friend. There is a lot of emotion attached in the tone we use that word in. Just the tone you say it in conveys a lot of emotions like anger, frustration, agreement, etc, etc, Any way, coming back to me being "moms" ... one of my friends was feeling a lot down today ... so what did i do ? I stepped up to the occassion and spoke to that person. 

   We went to a place where we can sit down and then i listened (dono if i listened intently)  to what my friend had to say. I was initialy confused about what to say as i was clueless how to react. I took my time, and then started being "moms" - Basically her (alright it was a she) problem was frustration with some of the latest happenings.  So i started off by saying "leave office at office and go home being urself" although I myself didn't understand it! ... but then i started stepping in her shoes and tried out something.

   I had read an article which suggests ppl to remember something good about themselves before going to bed. This makes them to be filled with positive attitude and removes all the negative and bad thoughts filled in their minds in a days due course. The memory can be anything happy. It can be an instance which made you smile, laugh, proud, etc. So i told this person to go home and read some of the Orkut testimonials written for her. Soon i noticed a hint of frown reducing from her face. Then i went on ... "have a look at your college snaps with buddies recollect your happy moments - basically go to a happy place." No sooner i was done making this statement i noticed that the frown had completely dissappeared! it had become a smile! That's when it struck me - I had actually imparted some wisdom. Now i could see the face what "moms" did when my friends spoke to me similarly in the past.

  Trust me! its a great feeling. When u manage to get a smile on someone's face without even cracking a single joke! Its hard ... but totally worth it. In the end when I dropped her off at her place, I was feeling good about myself - that I was able to spread some joy and share some thoughts which are non-technical and made sense. On my way over to my place ... i was thinking about all those ppl and articles that have positively influenced me (there are others who influenced me otherwise also but let's not get into that now). So what's my conclusion - read a lot and observe situations a lot coz you never know when they may come handy. In the end - a biiig thank you to all "moms" 

    Man! this is one senti blog I think ... don't worry I'll be back with a funny one.

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swaroop said...

oLLe blog bardidya moms. Awwww!!! You consoled a soul. Nice. Hudgi bere... This raises suspicions. The talk first, then the comfort, then the spark, then the love and then... Ok. Staap eet!

Aadru ondu oLLe kaarya maadidya anta ne heLbodu. Smiles-u important-u. Neen maadidya. Aa devru tathaa naavu ella mechtivi. Chitraguptaaa... Barkoppa...