Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mr & Mrs. College buddies

Today (the 19th of February 2009) is a day of many firsts for me. Today is the day i dared to take time off work to attend a wedding (if you know me then u'd agree that its low probability). Take time off is an understatement ... i took a whole day off! which wedding ? well 2 of my very very good friends from college got married today.

    2 of my class mates ... of the gang of about a bunch or so, where we had our good and bad times together ... bunked class together, despised some "lecturers" together, studied together, made each other laugh ... so on and so forth. Its not every time you get to be on both the bride and groom's side. Lemme tell you - the feeling is different. You get to tag along any relative of either one of them who's ragging the couple.

   We stayed at the wedding the whole day - until the time when they had to vacate the wedding hall! I also learnt a lot of logic and purpose behind some of the rituals that happen during our weddings - thanks to my friends again. Most of all i like to answer to a question like "neevu heNNin kade na gandin kade na ?" as "ibra kade noo!" We made friends with the bride's dad ... at the end of the day, he proudly told his daughter that he's found his gang! He was sharing some instances from the time he was as old as us ... he's got some interesting stuff to share.

   Well coming to the purpose of this blog: Arpitha and Kumar - the newly weds - i have known them individually and now i know them together - they couldn't get any cuter! 

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