Thursday, August 12, 2010

30 days later

   Its now a month since that jealous bastard called you upstairs.The world is not the same place without you moms. I hope that jealous bastard who calls himself "almighty" is having a good time with you. I wish he understands how much fun you are and also sunk in guilt having taken you away from us.I hope that you ask him all sorts of questions and induce a huge swelling in his head.I hope that jealous bastard gets fed up of your questions and sends you back down whilst removing that little pest in your head. Man if I were to see him, I really don't know how I would pound him - that 8*&&*^*&&*(asdf9&*^&&*&*(.

   Although I didn't realise today that it s been a month since that fateful day, I had a sinking and deep feeling in me right from morning.In the evening I happened to see the calender gadget on your lap-top and realised that its been 30 days already. Its how you always used to say moms, if it has to be it has to be.Frekking destiny - although I didn't conciously remember that its been a month today, my very little subconcious brain remained hooked on timelines. Every day there is some deep feeling in my heart, but today was different. It was amplified by all those memories. From shivu, to raju, DBD, DBC, our exam time combined studies, or the times we spent sitting on the banks of devara kere, the time when your bike had a flat tire somewhere b/w Kollegal and Talakadu, the walks we took in that Isro  layout park, the way you used to blast me for saying no to a shared burger and repenting later, oh the list goes on and on moms.

   What can I say moms, a lot has happened since these 30 so days and not everything has sunk in yet for me. First of all, I left Bangalore not to go back for atleast a year, but i still don't seem to miss that yet. I came to where you lived during your grad student days - stayed there for like 72 hours. I miss those 72 hours more than my 4 yrs of professional life back in Bangalore. Some screws are really loose in my brain or I've taken granted the fact that I can call home anytime and someone will pick up. The same is with Cary, NC - but I still miss it! Anyway, I am in my university now - Arlington and it is hot! (literally) I don't know what to expect but I do know that I am not in the wrong place considering my interests and my past experience. It seems to have some value. Glad that I didn't waste 4 years at Bosch ;) I came real early over here. Hence i found plenty of time for retrospection, and introspection. Believe me - you don't want to be doing that - especially when you are alone.

   My journey as a student has kicked off - with flying colors ?? I don't know that yet.
All thanks to you moms - that I am here today. You, my sister, my mother are the main reason that I am here. You had made all the basic arrangements for me to come over here. I didn't even have to do anything. Funny thing is ... I can't even say I owe you. But I do, I do big time. I promise I'll meet you moms - not yet ... just not yet. 

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