Thursday, August 18, 2011

Uncle Sam calling poms

I love NetApp. I think NetApp likes me too. Hence, they've extended my internship over the fall semester. Yepp. You heard it rite :) I guess I'll stick around in the Triangle for one more semester (I still don't know where I'll stay though). This is for a different team under the same project. I'll get to be QA this time. I'll get a chance to see if I like it in QA, also I'll get to see first hand what happens and how it happens. Who knows, if I like it I might continue in this path. That said - there is one more thing going on here that'll baffle you completely. Poms is coming to the US (yes yes. you heard it rite.) Poms is coming to do MBA in a school located in San Francisco. More on that ... later and DNM might follow soon. So looks like we're all atleast one year late in getting to the country you left in 2010. It doesn't matter anymore ... coz the "fabulous" in "four" is out of the equation. I'll sleep now.

+ Chetu

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