Tuesday, January 11, 2011


   I am now in Charlotte, North Carolina. 2 hours away from home. So much changed in the past 4 months. Exactly 4 months ago, I decided to change universities from UT Arlington. Spoke to a couple of people about it. Some of them wanted to change but decided not to because the process is too painstaking. Apply to  universities, get recco letters, test-scores, etc. But I went for it. I didn't find the process to be cumbersome. Probably because I wanted to change badly. Anyway ... 4 months later here I am. New university for a new year. The first time I came to Charlotte, I didn't feel anything. Didn't feel out of place, didn't feel lost, didn't feel home, didn't feel away. Just blank I guess. I was dropped off at Cary Amtrak station to catch a train toward Charlotte ... and all the way there I didn't know what to speak. Just spoke something random, made fun of Cary downtown. I didn't even get to say a proper goodbye ... anyway that's how I left home. 
   When someone says "Happy new year" - i don't know how to react. May be because I don't feel this is a new year. May be I never felt that its a new year. Some how this time I felt new year started on Jan 5th and not Jan 1st. I've come to realise certain things. This year my aim is to undo certain wrong stuff in myself. This is a promise.
 - Chetu

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